William Matrix Peckham
Hello and welcome to matrixpeckham.com, I am Willaim Matrix Peckham. I usually go by Bill and this is my personal site. To find out about my current projects you can check my blog. There you will find posts about what I am currently working on. Many of my projects will be available for download or use. For example Mathapalooza is a pet project I've been working on for a while. It is available and working, however it falls under a "use at your own risk" policy, because it is a work in progress and insecure. For now that is all. More to come.
Currently Running Projects:
I run several of my projects through this site. These are the current ones:
  • Blog is my personal blog, installed on this site.
  • Cannons is a clone of a game I remember playing on a computer in my kindergarten classroom. It's a javascript in-browser canvas-based and rendered game. The game I remember playing was a game where you had to shoot the other cannon before it shot you, and the terrain was hilly and destructible. Right now the terrain generator is solely flat, the AI does not compensate for air resistance, so it can't hit you. Winning and loosing also doesn't happen, so at the moment it's just a target practice game.
  • Mathapalooza is a project I've been working on for a while it's meant to be a learning forum which includes a nice graphing calculator with advanced functions. So far while it works, it's fairly insecure and not nearly as advanced as I'd like.
  • Personal Library is a project in infancy, started only in March 2014. It was in my head for a while that I needed a way to catalog all my books and media, so I finally decided to start a project. I chose to do it with PHP, a new language for me and I have also been searching for good JSON APIs for Books, Movies, and Music. It will be changing often and drastically, so I won't attempt to list features yet.
  • Noise Image Demos is a simple one page demo application, I built in a few days that generates random images. It generates the images server-side. It automatically detects and displays demos, so it is very easy for me to add new ones when I make them. It is probably buggy, as I did make and release it in a few days in March 2014.
  • Locus was a project I worked on for a class. It is posted here solely for demonstration. It is extremely insecure and not really suited for use. Please enjoy testing it, but NEVER put anything on it that you would not want EVERYONE to see. This includes passwords, as they are NOT encrypted. The requirements for the project were to be like a social site, this project satisfied all the requirements.
This page.
This is a simple Home page for the site that simply acts as a hub to get to specific sub-domains of the site. Each sub-domain, with the exception of the blog, is a pet project of mine.
The original version of this page had an interactive background image, however it caused major load-time and compatability issues, as it used WebGL. The original can still be viewed here, but be warned it will take time to load and may hang your browser (please allow at least 30 seconds before killing your browser). It will also cause your browser to slow down after loading. This page's background is interactive and powered by WebGL and Three.js. If you click the header at the top, this content will be hidden and allow you to click, drag, scale, and view the background. Also the checkbox will start the background animating.
Enjoy randomly generated gibberish:
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